Suzanne Lahna
Founder, Editor, Formatter, and Marketing Director

There are few things Suzanne loves more than getting to the heart of a problem, especially when it comes to manuscripts. For them, the best part about being an editor is getting to tell a client, “This is the thing that is wrong with the book, and here are a few ways we can fix it.” Suzanne also has a keen eye for making a sentence sing, but developmental editing is their pride and joy. An editorial letter from Suzanne also includes target audience and tips for selling; Suzanne doesn’t believe their work is done until their clients have everything they need to succeed. As the Quick Fox Marketing Director, Suzanne loves to share everything from great reads to the latest changes in the writer’s market, and attends publishing conferences in the Northeast whenever they can.

Suzanne resides in a historic apartment in Worcester, MA. An advocate for all things chronic illness, Suzanne lives with chronic migraines, which cause both depression and anxiety, and has also been recently diagnosed with ADHD. They have begun blogging on the unique experience of balancing chronic migraines with a publishing career; you can read all about it an

A proud member of the LGBTQIA community, Suzanne is on the ace spectrum and identifies as androgynous, going by they/them pronouns. They are also the author of the Bulletproof Spy, an LGBT Cold War era paranormal espionage series. For more information about Suzanne’s self-published work, visit

Alexis Arendt

Alexis has more than 10 years of experience as an editor, and is passionate about the world of independent publishing. She has a B.A. in English from St. Bonaventure University and is the  former editor of the independently published Sword literary magazine and the peer-reviewed academic journal Cithara. Her favorite genres are Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery, Non-Fiction, and Children’s and Middle-Grade Fiction.  She prefers to not edit material that includes child endangerment.

Alexis currently lives in Virginia with her family. She is diagnosed with ADHD and PTSD, and is a strong proponent for the accurate portrayal of mental health subjects. Her hobbies include knitting, watching Doctor Who and English football, drinking tea, and trying to stay sane.