Announcements for 2017

Suzanne will no longer be offering discounts for first-time clients as of 2017. She has now been with us for two years, and has built up a solid reputation as a whipsmart, savvy, and knowledgeable editor. We are considering offering genre-themed sales for a smaller discount at points during the year (possibly in the realm… Read More

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat: Getting serious about self-publishing

Let’s get a few things straight here. Self Publishing is not: -easy -cheap -for people who can’t write Self Publishing is: -expensive -time consuming -for anyone who wants to run a small business Okay but why the Jaws analogy? Because self-publishing is a lot like fishing. Anyone can do the basics, but to be successful… Read More

Small House, Big Competition: the evolution of publishing as we know it

Before we begin the learning portion of today’s exercise, I would like to open with the following statements: If you think e-readers are the downfall of civilization and the writing industry as we know it, turn back now. If you think self-publishing is only for People Who Can’t Write, there’s the damn door. If you… Read More