Publishing services for diverse stories.

“Let me start by saying that I am so happy that I found out about the Quick Fox from an author forum over a year ago. From the very first email, Suzanne was professional, and super sweet. I knew after reading her sample edits on the first few pages of my first manuscript that I wanted to work with her. She got my writing style. I have had the pleasure of having her as my editor for four books from my series, and I plan on using her services for the remaining books, She is very thorough with her edits and proofs, but she makes sure not to change my writing style, which I appreciate. It’s a plus to know that she is as enthusiastic about my books as I am. Looking for a wonderful editing experience? Make sure you check out the Quick Fox and Ms. Suzanne Lahna. Take it from a satisfied author.”

“I wouldn’t be able to bring you the books that I do without the support of amazing people like my editor, Alexis.  Where would I be without an awesome editor?  Ummm….still trying to edit by my lonesome, that’s where!  Alexis Arendt of the Quick Fox edited the book for me, and it was her eagle eye and grammatical know-how that kept me on my toes and helped this book to become the gem that I believe it is.  Thank you so much, Alexis!”

“Suzanne was great to work with, I might have to write a sequel just for her!”